Good Morning Vietnam

After a long harrowing 160 km/hr (I don’t even want to think about what that is in miles!) ride to the Bangkok airport followed by a blessedly short unharrowing flight, we find ourselves in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Warm, tropical rain greeted us as we stepped out of the airport into the soup-like air. Driving through the city in our stale sweat and cigarette smoke scented taxi, we were astonished to see the innumerable motornikes zooming along EVERYWHERE! Everyone rides them here from entire families crammed onto one small seat to women in 4 inch heels clutching faux Louis Vuitton bags. Armies of motorbikes accumulate at every streetcorner, threatening to run down unsuspecting pedestrians. The only way to cross the street, we’ve been instructed, is to just go and oncoming traffic avoids you. The first time we tried this method, Ashley and I thought for sure we would be flattened by a bus. But sure enough, you slowly step foot into the street and the traffic parts around you like the red sea. We’re still getting used to this strange, life-flashing-before-our-eyes concept, but as of now we are still alive.

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